Rehabbing After Back Pain Treatments

There are many different types of spine surgery procedures. One person undergoing spine surgery in Miami might have a fusion procedure, while another person has a laminectomy. Back pain can also be treated through nonsurgical means. However, what all these different treatments have in common is that it’s important to go through a period of physical rehabilitation afterward. A spine doctor will likely recommend physical therapy, which can help patients manage their pain and other symptoms. Physical therapy is effective in reducing reliance on assistive devices, improving mobility, building strength, and improving flexibility. Physical therapy can also help patients develop better balance, posture, and range of motion.

One strategy a physical therapist might recommend is Pilates training. The Pilates approach to exercise emphasizes deliberate movement, muscular control, precise alignment, and proper breathing. Because of the approach that Pilates takes toward exercise, patients who are rehabbing from back pain treatment may be able to reduce their risk of injuring themselves again in the future.

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