A Look at the Benefits of Discography

Chronic back pain can take a major toll on your quality of life by making everyday movements a challenge and causing you to abandon your favorite activities. Because of this, you can benefit from seeing a spine doctor for treatment if you’re suffering from back pain in Miami. To determine the cause of your pain, your doctor may use something called discography. Read on to learn about the benefits of this diagnostic procedure. back - pain

Discography is Quick

For many patients, medications and physical therapy can go a long way in treating and relieving their back pain. However, these interventions do not address the cause of pain for some individuals. If the source of your discomfort is disc disease, for example, then pain medications, stretches, and exercises may not provide you with relief. For patients who are still in discomfort despite treatment, doctors may recommend a procedure called discography. Used to get a look at the condition of the spinal discs, discography can pinpoint discs that are damaged or degenerating and causing the patient pain. This procedure is performed in-office and usually takes less than an hour.

Discography is Interactive

When it comes to dealing with back pain, patients commonly experience a feeling of helplessness because they do not know what is causing their pain or how to fix it. During a discography procedure, the patient is an active participant when it comes to diagnosing the cause of his or her back pain. In real time, the patient can help the orthopedic surgeon locate the pain’s origin and provide him or her with a sense of control.

Discography is Informative

Because this procedure can identify spinal discs that are the root of a patient’s back pain but that appear normal in visual diagnostics, many doctors find discography to be an excellent complementary treatment for patients. Through discography, your spine doctor can gain more information about the cause of your back pain, identify which areas are problematic, and develop a more precise treatment plan to help alleviate your symptoms. In this way, discography is an ideal and informative complementary diagnostic procedure.