XLIF in Miami, FL

This procedure is the minimal invasive treatment of choice for severe degenerative spinal disease, usually between L1 and L5. It is a fusion technique, which allows a minimal invasive access to the lumbar vertebral disc with much less pain and blood loss than more traditional open procedures. For advanced, experienced surgeons, this technique can be performed in the thoracic spine for conditions below T5.

This procedure was first developed by Dr. Luis Pimenta, a neurosurgeon in Sao Paulo, Brazil. As a minimal invasive pioneer, Dr. Hyde became the FIRST spine surgeon in the Southeastern United States to perform the procedure. Along with Dr. Pimenta, Dr. Hyde earned his respect as an innovator in the early adoption and application of this technology. He has lectured, published, and taught hundreds of surgeon colleagues about XLIF. Dr. Hyde is considered as an international expert in XLIF, was a founding member of the Society of Lateral Access Surgeons (SOLAS), and was a member of the SOLAS Executive Board for almost ten years. Dr. Hyde has performed several thousand successful levels of XLIF. There is no other physician in the Southeastern US with more experience in XLIF (Lateral Access) surgery than Dr. Jonathan Hyde.

Unlike traditional back surgery, XLIF® is performed through the patient's side. By entering this way, major muscles of the back are avoided. This minimally-invasive procedure is generally used to treat leg or back pain caused by degenerative disc disease. It can be performed on an outpatient basis.

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