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If you have tried a variety of treatments and solutions to relieve your back pain and found them all to be unsuccessful, it may be time to consider seeing an orthopedic spine surgeon. At Miami Spine Specialists, we are dedicated to taking care of you and using our knowledge of the advances in technology and years of experience in practice to your advantage.

Our spine surgeons have been in practice for more than 15 years and can provide a minimally invasive spinal procedure, such as kyphoplasty treatment, to individuals like yourself. Dr. Jonathan Hyde is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who is proud to offer you excellent treatment for herniated discs and bulging discs or slipped discs and a caring bedside manner. Treatment of spinal stenosis, compression fractures, spinal deformities, and neck and back pain is Dr. Hyde’s expertise as well.

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Surgical and Non-Surgical Treatments for Common Back and Neck Ailments

A variety of treatment options are available to directly address your problem. The goal is to improve your spinal health, provide relief from pain, address any disease or spinal deformities, and help you live as full a lifestyle as possible. Spine surgery treatments Dr. Hyde has been successful with include:

SI joint fusion: If you have lower back, pelvis, or buttock pain, or weakness, pain, and numbness/tingling in your legs, there could be a problem with the sacroiliac joint (SI joint). The iFuse Implant System is an SI joint treatment that stabilizes the area using triangular-shaped titanium implants. Requiring just a small incision and completed in about an hour, the surgery adds stability and better weight-bearing capacity to the joint.

Revision/2 nd Spinal Surgery : Revision surgery may be recommended if you’ve had spine surgery before, to relieve pain and address scarring, poor healing, and changes due to new injuries or aging. Back and neck pain may persist, but improved techniques such as minimally invasive back surgery can provide a more accurate and targeted treatment. Our team will help you understand how surgery can address the underlying cause, and even weigh in on non-surgical options.

Kyphoplasty: Vertebral compression fractures can be painful and limiting, but a minimally invasive option is available to patients with osteoporosis. Dr. Hyde was the first spine surgeon in South Florida to perform the procedure, in 2000.

Kyphoplasty treatment involves inserting a balloon into the vertebrae through a small tube, inflating it to expand the bone, and injecting a fast-drying cement to provide support. Patients who undergo the surgery, which takes an hour per vertebrae treated, can experience relief from pain and spine instability immediately or within a few days.

XLIF: Used for treating severe degenerative spinal disease, this minimally invasive fusion technique often addresses degeneration between the L1 and L5 vertebrae. The surgeon avoids major back muscles by entering through the side. Sometimes performed on an outpatient basis, the procedure can alleviate leg and back pain that can result from degenerative disc conditions.

Non-Surgical Spine Treatments in Miami, FL

For pain and spine problems, surgery isn’t always the answer. Your orthopedic doctor in Miami can perform a range of non-surgical treatments, such as:

Steroid injections: Inflamed tissues can cause severe pain, but a doctor can deliver a steroid injection directly to the site of inflammation. Treatment is performed while you either sit or lie in a position to help the doctor access the affected site. Injections are sometimes guided by x-ray images and preceded by a local anesthetic. Steroids are effective for temporary pain relief and often used in conjunction with other therapies.

Discography: A diagnostic procedure, discography is used to see where back or neck pain is coming from if medication or physical therapy isn’t helpful. It can help determine the exact cause, down to the individual spinal disc that may be affected.

Rehab & physical therapy: Any kind of spinal treatment, even that which is minimally invasive, requires a recovery period, during which rehabilitation is important. Miami Spine Specialists has a Pilates studio where tight or weak muscles can be addressed, as can posture, spine/body alignment, balance, and any aches and pains. Programs offered aim to improve physical strength and fitness.

Top-Notch Patient Care

With several years of experience in the field, our clinic has earned a highly respected reputation for our spinal decompression services and compassionate care. Dr. Hyde is an expert in minimally invasive spine surgery. Our practice is committed to providing you with effective pain relief such as spinal decompression, SI joint treatment, and other techniques that use the least invasive treatment available, as well as the most cutting-edge equipment and technology.

When you come in for your first appointment, you can talk to one of our surgeons about your back pain or spine pain condition, like your spinal stenosis, herniated discs, and compression fractures symptoms, and the solutions you have tried already. This will give the doctor who is treating you more of an understanding of what he is working with so that he can come up with a workable plan to help you.

By working closely with you, we can make a decision on a course of action that will fit your needs and give you the pain relief you have been hoping for. It is one of our top priorities, at Miami Spine Specialists, to provide you with the personal attention and consideration that you deserve.

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