A Look at Our In-Office Non-Surgical Spine Treatments

A Look at Our In-Office Non-Surgical Spine Treatments
A Look at Our In-Office Non-Surgical Spine Treatments

At South Florida Spine Institute, it’s our mission to help our patients get back on their feet with a comprehensive range of sophisticated treatment options. Although our spine specialists near Miami have extensive experience performing minimally invasive back surgery, non-surgical treatment is generally preferable whenever possible. Before having back surgery, consider the following non-surgical spine treatments available at our spine center.

Physical Therapy 
Many patients can find relief from lower back pain with physical therapy. Physical therapy may be passive or active. Passive physical therapy is intended to help patients manage their pain and may include ultrasound, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), and heat and cold therapy. Active physical therapy is also an essential component of a comprehensive rehabilitation program for the spine. This involves stretching to

Non-Surgical Spine Treatments Near Miami

alleviate pain and improve flexibility, as well as strengthening exercises to help stabilize the core. For long-term pain management, spine specialists often recommend low-impact aerobic exercises such as water therapy or walking.

Steroid Injections 
Inflammation is often a contributor to lower back pain and pain elsewhere along the spine. Inflammation results in pain when the affected tissues exert pressure on the nerve roots. The spine specialists at South Florida Spine Institute can administer steroid injections to relieve your pain. For accurate placement, your steroid injection may involve the use of x-rays and contrast dye. A local anesthetic can be applied to relieve any discomfort you may feel from the injection. Although steroid injections only offer temporary relief of pain, they can be used along with other treatments for spinal rehabilitation to promote healing.


Our spine specialists also offer discography, an in-office procedure performed for diagnostic purposes. You might be a good candidate for discography if conservative spinal treatments, such as physical therapy and steroid injections, have failed to fully address your symptoms. During a discography, the spine specialist will inject a sterile solution, such as contrast dye, into the disc. You’ll be asked to identify whether you feel pain, and if so, whether the pain is new or familiar pain. The purpose of having a discography is to pinpoint the exact source of your pain so that an effective treatment plan can be developed.

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