If you have tried a variety of treatments and solutions to relieve your back pain and found them all to be unsuccessful, it may be time to consider seeing an orthopaedic spine surgeon. Read More....

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Jonathan Hyde, M.D.
Jonathan Hyde, M.D. Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgery

Jonathan Hyde, MD is an orthopaedic surgeon with a special interest in spinal surgery as well. Dr. Hyde's expertise is in minimally invasive spine surgery techniques.

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Daniel Rivera, M.D.
Daniel Rivera, M.D. Board Certified Pain Management, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialist

Doctor Rivera specializes in interventional pain-relieving techniques such as spine injections, joint injections, bursa and other soft tissue injections...

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Ricardo Malpartida
Ricardo Malpartida RPT, LMT, CPT Director of the physical therapy department

Ricardo Malpartida RPT, LMT, CPT is the director of the Miami Spine Specialist physical therapy department.

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Jacqueline Amazon
Jacqueline Amazon PA-C Physician Assistant

Jacqueline Amazon PA-C, completed her Bachelor’s Degree at University of Miami,...

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collenThe excellence of your work will enable David to regain control of his active life. For this, my son and I, and all who love him, will be eternally grateful to you. Thank you and God bless you.collen

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    Oct 17, 2017 Stop Letting Back Pain Interfere with Your Sleep People who suffer from chronic back pain know all too well the effects it has on daily life. It can be painful simply to bend down to tie one’s shoes. Poor sleep quality is another major problem ...

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Rehab & Physical Therapy in Miami, FL Physical Therapy

Helping You to Recover Quickly After you have undergone any type of treatment for back pain relief, including minimally invasive spine surgery, you will have a period of recovery. The rehabilitation following surgery is a very important part of your healing.

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