Stop Letting Back Pain Interfere with Your Sleep

Stop Letting Back Pain Interfere with Your Sleep
Stop Letting Back Pain Interfere with Your Sleep

People who suffer from chronic back pain know all too well the effects it has on daily life. It can be painful simply to bend down to tie one’s shoes. Poor sleep quality is another major problem for back pain patients in the Miami area. It’s tough to fall asleep with constant pain, and finding a comfortable sleep position can be all but impossible. This lifestyle is unsustainable. Talk to a spine doctor about your treatment options, and in the meantime, make a few simple modifications to improve your sleep right away. woman trying to sleep suffering from back pain

Become a side sleeper.

Most people are side sleepers. This sleeping position tends to offer the most benefits for your back, as it helps keep the spine in a neutral alignment. If you don’t already sleep on your side, try it out tonight. Pull your knees up slightly toward your chest to lie in the fetal position. You should feel the tension ease in your lower back. You can achieve even better sleep ergonomics by placing a small, thin pillow between your knees. If you have a relatively firm mattress, there may be a gap between the bed and your waist. Roll up a small towel and insert it in there for better spinal support. If you’re pregnant and showing, you can place a small pillow under the side of your abdomen. Softer mattresses are ideal for side sleepers, as they relieve the pressure points at the hips and shoulders.

Adjust the way you sleep on your stomach.

If you’re a dedicated stomach sleeper, you’re in the minority of adults who favor this position. It’s the least favorable position for people with back pain. Consider trying to become a side sleeper instead. If this isn’t possible, you’ll need a medium firm mattress and a pillow to place under your pelvic/lower abdominal region. Invest in a specialty pillow for under your head. It should feature a cut-out where your face will rest.

Modify your back sleeping position.

The back sleeping position can be workable for people with chronic back pain. A medium firm mattress is best for back sleepers with this health problem. Know that sleeping on your back does disrupt the gentle curvature of the lower back. You can correct this by placing a pillow under the knees.

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