Traveling this Summer? Fly and Drive Without Back Pain

Traveling this Summer? Fly and Drive Without Back Pain
Traveling this Summer? Fly and Drive Without Back Pain

Many people choose to go on road trips and vacations during the warmer months, but back pain can easily sap the fun and relaxation out of travel plans. If you suffer from back pain in Miami, then continue reading to learn about ways you can reduce your symptoms and get more enjoyment out of your summer trip. man holding lower back in pain

Get Prepared

Taking certain steps before your flight or road trip can help promote your comfort while traveling. Start by consulting your back doctor to learn if he feels that travel is a good idea. If he endorses your travel plans, then ask for recommendations regarding treatments and medications that may reduce your back pain. If you will be flying, then try to get a seat with more leg room when booking your flight. Also, in the days leading up to your trip, pack lightly to help avoid straining your back, and avoid any activities that may worsen your symptoms. Finally, consider purchasing travel insurance, so you will be better prepared to handle any emergencies.

Seek Treatment

If you’ve been delaying getting treatment for your back pain, then consider beginning the process now to help ensure that you can enjoy your vacation without symptoms. Spine specialists offer a broad range of non-surgical treatment options for back pain, and many patients respond well to anti-inflammatory medication and physical therapy. After speaking with your doctor, you may learn that exercises, therapy, and prevention education can help you travel pain-free this summer.

Travel Smart

Before and after your departure, perform a thorough and careful stretching routine. If you find yourself facing a wait in a boarding area or rest stop, then consider walking around the area to remain limber. When sitting in the car or plane, practice good posture by keeping your back straight, shoulders relaxed, and knees bent at a 90-degree angle. You should also try to stretch and walk at least once per hour. Lastly, during your trip, consider asking for assistance with your luggage to avoid aggravating your back pain.

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