Common Causes of Neck Pain

If you’re suffering from neck pain, consider visiting an orthopedic surgeon near Miami to determine the underlying causes. One of the most common causes of chronic neck pain is poor posture. If you spend a great deal of time sitting, make sure you choose a chair with proper lumbar support. Position your computer monitor or reading materials just below eye level to keep your neck and back in a neutral position. In the meantime, an orthopedic surgeon may recommend relieving your neck pain by injecting a cervical epidural steroid drug.

You can hear more about chronic neck pain and its potential causes by watching this short clip from “The Doctors” TV show. You’ll meet a patient who experiences neck pain on a daily basis and you’ll hear her personalized recommendations from an orthopedic surgeon. This orthopedic doctor suggests using an ergonomic pillow and changing her sleeping habits to support the natural structure of the neck.