Signs That Spine Surgery Could Be Right for You

The decision to have spine surgery is never one patients or doctors take lightly, but it is the right solution for many people who are suffering from chronic back pain. Should you consider spine surgery in Miami for your back pain? Here is what you need to know.

In most cases, your spine doctor will recommend conservative treatments for your pain before suggesting surgery. When these treatments don’t work, or if they initially work but eventually become less effective, then surgery could be the answer. Sometimes, surgery is the only solution for certain kinds of back problems. If your condition has become too severe to be treated by conservative treatments, your spine doctor may recommend surgical care as a first-line treatment.

To be a good candidate for spine surgery, you should also be in otherwise good physical health and not have any conditions that could interfere with your recovery. Your surgeon will review your health history to ensure that surgery is safe for you.

group of doctors looking at spinal x-ray