Why Is Thoracic Spinal Stenosis Uncommon?

Aging correlates with changes in the spine, many of which are caused by the degeneration of ligaments, vertebrae, and spinal discs. These developments may lead to a condition called spinal stenosis, which involves a narrowing of the spinal canal. If you suffer from rib pain, aching legs, difficulty walking, or middle back pain in Miami, then you may be dealing with thoracic spinal stenosis, which occurs in the middle part of the spine.

Lumbar spinal stenosis, which occurs in the lower back, and cervical spinal stenosis, which develops in the neck area, are far more common than thoracic spinal stenosis. The reasons for this imbalance is that the middle part of the spine has several vertebrae that attach to the rib cage, providing the area with plenty of support. Because the thoracic part of the spine is quite stable, this allows for little movement and a lower likelihood of the development of degenerative diseases, including spinal stenosis.

doctor checking for spinal stenosis