What Patients Should Know About Steroid Injections

Are you suffering from neck or back pain in Miami? If so, then your spine doctor may recommend steroid injections to help treat your symptoms. Continue reading to learn what patients should know about this treatment option. neck - pain

How Steroid Injections Work

Steroids are drugs that doctors sometimes use to reduce inflammation in a patient’s body because inflamed tissues are often partially or fully responsible for the individual’s neck or back pain. This is because inflammation in the neck or back can put pressure on the spinal nerve roots, causing the patient to experience pain. Because steroid injections can reduce this inflammatory response in your body’s tissues and thereby treat your discomfort, your doctor may recommend steroid injections for your back or neck pain.

How Steroid Injections Are Administered

When you see your spine doctor for steroid injections, he may have you lie down or sit in a way that lengthens your spine and creates a clearer route for the needle. Next, he may apply a local anesthetic to the treatment site to help maximize your comfort. Also, your doctor may utilize contrast dye and X-ray imaging to provide more guidance for the location of the injection. The steroid injections are then delivered directly to the problem area in either the neck, upper back, middle back, or lower back where there is inflammation that is responsible for your pain.

How Steroid Injections Help Patients

It’s important for patients to realize that steroids are viewed as a temporary measure and may not resolve the cause of inflammation in your neck or back long-term. Because steroid injections only temporarily reduce inflammation and the resulting pain at the treatment site, they are often used in conjunction with other therapies. Many people find that steroid injections can improve their quality of life and can also help promote healing when combined with treatments that address the underlying cause of their inflammation. In this way, steroid injections can be a beneficial component of your treatment plan for back or neck pain.