Spotlight on Cervical Disc Herniation

If you’ve been experiencing persistent pain in your neck, a spine pain specialist in Miami may diagnose you with cervical disc herniation. The cervical area is the top portion of your spine. Each of the bones in your spine is cushioned by an intervertebral disc, which rests between the bones to separate them. A herniated disc, sometimes called a bulging disc, means that the inner material of the disc is bulging out of the exterior edge. Like herniated discs elsewhere in the spine, a disc problem in the cervical region can be caused by repetitive stress on the area or acute physical trauma. People may be more likely to develop a cervical disc herniation if they are obese, are of advanced age, or smoke.

Not all herniated discs cause significant symptoms. However, if the bulging disc material presses against a nearby nerve, the symptoms can become quite severe. When a disc in the cervical region is affected, the patient is likely to experience pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders. Some patients also suffer from shooting pain, numbness, and tingling that extends down the arms.

model of neck with Cervical Disc Herniation