Why Your Doctor May Recommend Pilates for Your Recovery from Back Pain

For Miami residents, back pain treatment options abound. You may already be familiar with the benefits of physical therapy for back pain, but what about Pilates? The Pilates system, which was developed by Joseph Pilates, emphasizes core strength, body awareness, and flexibility. The core muscles lie deep within the abdomen and back. By strengthening these core muscles, the spine enjoys greater support. After practicing Pilates for a while, you’ll develop improved stability in your trunk, which will help you conquer your back pain.

Pilates can be an effective complement to a nonsurgical back pain treatment plan. Your doctor might recommend that you do Pilates in addition to trying medications or back injections. It’s also appropriate for people who are rehabbing from spine surgery. However, if you’ve recently had surgery, you’ll need clearance from your doctor before you can safely start a Pilates class. Pilates exercises include mat workouts, which you can practice at home between classes. At a Pilates studio, you’ll have access to specialized equipment.

woman doing pilates to help with back pain

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