Could You Have a Narrow Spinal Canal?

The spinal canal is the space within the spinal column. The delicate spinal cord and nerves extend through this space. If your spinal canal is narrower than usual, you have a condition called spinal stenosis. You may need to see a spine doctor serving Miami to get an official diagnosis, and to learn about your treatment options.

Watch this video to compare your symptoms to the typical symptoms that occur with spinal stenosis. This professor of orthopedic surgery explains that myelopathy occurs when spinal stenosis causes compression of the spinal cord. This can cause debilitating symptoms, such as fine motor skill impairment, decreased coordination, and balance problems. Without treatment, myelopathy can result in severe complications, including paralysis. If spinal stenosis causes the compression of the nerve roots, it is known as radiculopathy. Some symptoms of radiculopathy are pain, numbness, weakness, and tingling that extends down the arm and into the hand.